Our collection all the music I love.

Notre collection toute la musique que j'aime.

All the music I love: essential to our life.

It soothes our anxieties, promotes concentration, stimulates memory, facilitates language learning ... We have known for a long time that music softens manners. Today, scientists are explaining why.

Half an hour of classical music a day is compulsory for all children in Florida, USA. Nicknamed the Beethoven's Babies Bill, Law 660 is not only intended to help little ones fall asleep during nap time, it also aims to harmoniously stimulate their brain development ...

Rufus has therefore launched its collection "all the music that I love" always minimalist and captivating. A trip to Ibiza for a weekend to take pretty photos in the rock and voila. 

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Our must-have love t-shirt.

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The little extra of Rufus.

Notre collection Paris je t'aime.

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